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Thank you for helping us make families

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At a recent team meeting we were discussing the incredible progress we’ve made since we began Ugandans Adopt three years ago. We had a vision for all Ugandan children to grow up in loving homes, with a family to belong to. We believed we could make families, not orphans.

Turns out, you believed us too. Not only did you believe us, you helped us. Since we started our campaign, we have been able to place over 130 children in loving Ugandan families – and we couldn’t have done this without you.

This post is just a little something we wanted to do to say thank you and to recognize the contribution you have made. Ugandans Adopt has become a passionate community, united by our vision and bound by its commitment to our children’s safety, health and happiness.



A happy family

Because of you, we have found families for children who would otherwise have nowhere to call home. Because of your love and support we have been able to grow – and we’re still growing. You have helped prove beyond doubt that there are Ugandan families and individuals willing to open their hearts and homes through adoption and fostering.

Whether you’re an adoptive or foster parent, a friend, a supporter or if you’re just following our journey on Facebook and Twitter, we wanted to say thank you. This isn’t just our success – it’s yours. And with your help, there’s no stopping us.

We are excited about embarking on the next steps of our journey together with you. Your support is going to become even more vital as we continue to grow but we believe we can do this together. Please continue to help us spread the adoption gospel by telling your friends and family about what we’re doing, sharing our vision, or simply just inviting them to join us on Facebook and Twitter so they can see for themselves.

If you’d like to know more about how you can help, or would like to become a Ugandans Adopt Ambassador, please contact Aidah on [email protected].

Thank you.

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