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If you can provide a safe, stable, loving home for a child, chances are you can adopt.

Our Journey

Many children in Uganda grow up in institutions because they do not have a home they can be proud of. The NGO ” Ugandans Adopt” is looking for families who can commit to providing a loving and safe home to enable these children to develop their potential and goals. If you have been thinking about giving your time and love to a child in the class we would be happy to hear from you

Abaana bangi mu Uganda bakulira mu bitongole ebyannakyewa olw’ensonga yobutaba na maka gebenyumirizaamu ng’agabwe. Ab’ekitongole kya nnakyewa ekiyitibwa ” Ugandans Adopt”banoonya amaka agayinza okweyama okuwa omwana awaka awali okwagala n’obukuumi kisobozese abaana bano okufuna obusobozi n’ebirubirirwa.
Bwoba obadde olowooza okuwaayo obudde bwo n’okwagala eri omwana ali mu kibiina twandibadde bassanyufu ssinga tuwuliza okuva gyoli.

About Us

Ugandans Adopt is a government initiative in collaboration with organisations that advocate for family-based care, aiming to promote domestic adoption in Uganda.

Recognising the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, which emphasises the unique and privileged position of the child in African society, we at Ugandans Adopt firmly believe that the full and harmonious development of a child’s personality necessitates their upbringing in a family environment, surrounded by happiness, love, and understanding. It is within families that children receive the necessary love, sense of belonging, and identity required for their growth. Families provide children with the space to play, learn, and establish trusting relationships, enabling them to feel a genuine part of a community.

Aligned with the Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development’s initiatives, Ugandans Adopt is dedicated to identifying prospective adoptive parents in Uganda who can offer safe and loving families to children unable to reunite with their biological families. Many of these children have been abandoned, and despite extensive efforts to locate their families, such endeavours have proved unsuccessful. The adoption process undergoes evaluation by an independent panel, ensuring a comprehensive and impartial assessment.

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If you are in Uganda and are thinking of giving a Ugandan child a future by opening your home and heart through adoption, then you are in right place. We offer guidance, support   and resources before, during and after your adoption process. You can download our brochure below

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