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The Adoptive Families Association is Launched in Uganda

Some of the prospective and adoptive families who attended the launch

On November 10th in commemoration of World Adoption day, the Adoptive Parents Association launched at Child’s i Foundation’s offices in Bukasa, Muyenga. Prospective and adoptive parents gathered together to share their experiences and discuss the issues surrounding the adoption process.According to the Chairman Kristian Sekyanzi, the main aim of the Association is to provide a platform for experience sharing, networking and peer support for adoptive parents and children.“The formation of the Association has become relevant as parents have been going through different experiences on their adoption journeys, dealing with unfamiliar processes and delays that often get frustrating,” noted Sekyanzi. “The Association will serve as an advocacy platform to push for better streamlining of the adoption process in Uganda, to make it less strenuous for the adoptive families,” he added.


‘’I cannot remember life before my daughter, my life is so full,’’ Astrid- Adoptive Parent

“My daughter has changed my life, I don’t a remember a life where I don’t get up every day and I see this huge toothy grin that welcomes me and welcomes the day. She has taught me so much; she has taught me to appreciate the small things in life,” says Astrid, one of the adoptive parents with a smile on her face.“ She adds that “The adoption process is not the easiest process, but it is extremely rewarding when you meet your child for the first time and embark on the journey together”.She is encouraging anyone who is considering adoption to contact the Association for assistance.

35 parents and 22 children attended the meeting. While the parents, at different stages of the adoption journey, shared their experiences and challenges, the children got spend time together and play in the bouncy castle.The meeting also served as an informative Q&A session for the prospective adoptive parents.

Carol Bankusha (R), listens to Amelo an adoptive parent at the launch.

Carol Bankusha, a  member of the Alternative Care Panel at the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, shared tips on how to prepare for the final step of the adoption process. She advised against changing children’s names until after the adoption is approved. She explained that changing a child’s name had the potential of affecting court procedures which could unnecessarily complicate the process.


The Association seeks to provide guidance not only to the prospective parents, but also to the social workers and government officials. It aims to normalise adoption in Uganda by advocating for abandoned children to combat myths and misconceptions in Uganda and Greater East Africa, and encourage other families to adopt.Adoptive Parents Association will create a support network for adoptive families and those interested in adopting, as well as the adopted children. The Association is currently obtaining legal status as a not for profit organisation.


The video below bring you highlights from the Association launch event. To those who are thinking about providing a loving home for a vulnerable child in Uganda, you are welcome to join the Association. Feel free to contact us today +25676110304 or send us an email to [email protected]  for more info on how!