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A Mother’s love: Maria and Patricia’s Story


At Ugandans Adopt, we think all of our little ones are special. We couldn’t possibly choose favorites but sometimes it’s hard to describe how wonderful these little people are.

Patricia arrived at the  Babies Home after she was abandoned at Mulago Hospital. Our social work team spent over three months trying to trace her family, including placing adverts in local media. After they’d exhausted all possible leads we made the decision to try and find her an adoptive family.

Patricia was then matched with Maria, already a mother to a seven year old girl and a successful hairdresser. However, our social work team deemed her home unsuitable for a young baby and were unable to approve the match – but Maria was determined that nothing could keep them apart.

Patricia and Mum


It took three months, but Maria persevered. She managed to move to a new place which our social workers approved and, after spending time bonding with Patricia, she finally took her daughter home. We have  visited them over time and are always  delighted to find a very happy mum and baby. Patricia spends almost all of her time in mums lap or  next to her – it’s clear they absolutely adore each other. It is always wonderful to see the transformation in Patricia, too. At the Babies Home she was always a cheerful baby, although sometimes quite shy, but with her new family she seems almost ecstatic. She is  constantly smiling and Maria tells us she loves being pampered!

Thanks to Maria, who wouldn’t let anything stand in the way of  her love for her child, Patricia has the chance to grow up in a loving family. And thanks to Maria for helping us to make families, not orphans.

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The Adoption Panel Meets

The Adoption Panel in session

Last week the Adoption Panel met to vet prospective Ugandan adoptive families. The panel comprises of Nandi Ketty from the Ugandan Police Child Protection Unit, Caroline Bankusha, consultant, Rogers Mbazira from Families For Children, Christine Sempebwa , an adoptive parent, Ruth Matoya, a child psychologist from Healing Talk, Stella Ogwang and Mark Riley from the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development and Sue Allan from Child’s i Foundation. Jenette Davies, an experienced adoption panelist from Cumbria, UK came to observe the session.

Currently at Malaika Babies Home we have 21 children in our care out of which one baby boy  is available for adoption . The social work team are in the process of  working with families to resettle or find permanent foster care families for the rest of the children.

We are reaching out to other childcare institutions in Uganda to invite them to attend  Panel if they have children who are available for adoption so the Panel can match them with our waiting list of Ugandan adoptive parents. Please contact [email protected]if you would like further information.

Together we can place more children into loving families in Uganda.