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Omulamwa gw’entambi zino gwa kukuwa ebisingawo ebeyenyigira mu kuzaala omwana obuggya.

Entambi empya ezinnyonyola ebiriwo ku ngeri ezenjawulo n’ebikwata kuzaala abaana obuggya ensangi zino ziggya kubeera nga zitekebwako kuno akaseera konna.

Adoption and Alternative Care Panel

Child’s i Foundation is working with the Ugandan government to set up an alternative care system based around the needs of the individual child. This includes the setting up of a comprehensive procedure for adopting children within Uganda.

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Our 2nd Birthday!

In May 2012 we celebrated our 2nd anniversary!

It is now more than two years ago we opened Malaika Babies Home and accepted our first two babies. We had a wonderful party in Kampala and invited some of our supporters to celebrate our two-year mile stone. Here’s to the next two years and beyond.

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Promoting National Adoption

Child’s i Foundation ran a comprehensive multi-media campaign in Uganda to promote national adoption and encourage Ugandan families to come forward to adopt children.

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Adopting baby Mary

We follow the successful story of Amelo Ejalu adopting baby Mary. An adoptive parent’s perspective of the adoption process from beginning to end through Child’s i Foundation.

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WBS News coverage

We were proud to see one of our adoptive families featured on WBS News’ coverage of World Humanitarian Day recently. Christina adopted baby Tessa 3 months ago and as you will see in the WBS coverage her little girl has settled well in to her new family!
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What Can Be Done?

There are hundreds of children across Uganda currently living in institutional care. What is best for them and how do we safeguard their futures? Ben Ssebuufu recently visited a number of babies’ homes in Kampala, meeting staff and children in an attempt to understand more about the problem of baby abandonment in Uganda.
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What Does Adoption Mean To You?

We went out on to the streets of Kampala to find out what people really think about adoption. As you will see in this video, we got mixed results!
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As part of our domestic adoption media campaign, we produced 2 adverts that have been running on NTV during the summer of 2011. We have had an amazing response from potential adoptive families to our adverts, so thought we should give them a permanent home on our website.

NTV advert 1

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NTV Advert 2

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Making the News!

Our campaign to promote domestic adoption in Uganda has generated a fair amount of press interest. One of our amazing social workers, Barbra Aber recently gave an interview to NTV talking about our campaign and the importance of adoption.
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Interview with James Kaboggoza

To mark the launch of our media campaign to promote domestic adoption, Assistant Commisioner for Children James Kaboggoza talks about the importance of finding new families for the many vulnerable children in need.
Child’s i Foundation is proud to be partnering with the Ugandan government on this important campaign, and we hope that over the coming months many new adoptive families will be found.
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Becoming Adoptive Parents

The adoption process can seem intimidating at first, but Child’s i foundation will be there to guide you every step of the way if you express an interest in adopting one of our children. This video helps to explain some of the process you will go through when you decide to adopt, and tells the story of an amazing couple who were happily approved to take care of one of our lovely little boys.
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Love Is All They Need

There are many children in Uganda in need of adoptive families to love and cherish them. Could you give a child the gift of a family?
These children are all looking for loving familes to adopt them.
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The Importance of Family

Capital FM Presenter Jackie Lumbasi talks about domestic adoption and the importance of safe guarding the future of Uganda’s children.
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Working with the Ugandan Government

We are proud to be working with the Government of Uganda to find new adoptive families. Caroline Bankusha, Probation & Social Welfare Officer for Kampala City Council, recently spoke about how the Ugandan Government is working with Child’s i Foundation to help promote adoption and find new loving homes for vulnerable children.
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Baby Tessa Goes Home

We are always sad to see our lovely babies go, but so pleased to know that will be bought up in loving families. Baby Tessa was adopted recently, and her new family share their joy that she has come to join them.
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Lydia and Oscar

You do not have to be wealthy to adopt a child. Lydia, a single mother recently adopted Oscar and believes that having love is all that is needed to be a successful adoptive parent.
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Joey’s New Family

Baby Joey was the first of our children to be adopted in to a loving family and recently celebrated his first birthday. His parents George and Desire have four children, and this is their story.
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