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Last Saturday, Ugandans Adopt was delighted to host a get together for prospective and adoptive parents. When we started planning this event it was important to us that we make it as special as possible, especially as we were inviting prospective adoptive parents to join us for the first time. We chose Saturday morning to ensure all our guests could make it along as well as to keep it as relaxed and as informal as possible.

Parents interacting


For some time now, Ugandans Adopt has been organising regular events for adoptive parents however this time we decided to do something a bit different. We thought it’d be a great idea to invite prospective adoptive parents to give them the opportunity to hear firsthand from adoptive parents, as well as more from the experts and our team about the adoption process.

We were joined by our incredible social work team, including manager Aloysious and social worker, Maureen, who has been part of the team since 2010. The little ones were catered for and had plenty to keep them entertained with the help of Martha, one of our carers. We’d asked our guests to contribute to the fun by bringing a little something along with them so there were plenty of drinks and snacks for everyone, too.

Part of the Ugandans Adopt Team and Presenters at the event.


We included presentations from Carol Bankusha, Child Protection Expert, and Sarah Mirembe a renowned child psychologist who discussed the importance of attunement, bonding together and family life.  We were also lucky enough to hear from one of our adoptive parents as she shared her experience as a single parent: both the challenges and advantages. The interactive question and answer session that followed the presentations was informative (and eye-opening!) for lots our new guests. Recently we wrote a piece busting the most common myths and misconceptions  about adoption and fostering some of which were raised during the event, too.

We hope our guests had as much fun as we did as we’re already looking forward to the next one! It brought our Ugandans Adopt community together to celebrate and share the joy adopting a child can bring. Most importantly, it was a success because of the contributions of many, without which we wouldn’t exist. Thank you to everyone who came along and to everyone in the Ugandans Adopt community who made sure it was so much more than your average Saturday morning get together.

Check out more  photos of the event on our Facebook page @ Get together or  to find out about our next get together please call  0776110304  email [email protected].