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Rainbow International School Fundraises for Malaika Babies Home

We’re receiving more and more support from local organizations, churches and schools who have seen the Ugandans Adopt campaign across the country and have been inspired by our message.

Aidah, the Ugandans Adopt Communications Officer in Uganda, was delighted recently when the Brownie Guide pack at Rainbow International School chose to support Malaika Babies Home.

“When we received the email from Rainbow international School we did not know how to react. There have been lots of schools visit Malaika Babies’ Home to learn more about the care centre and what makes it different. We’re lucky our schools often bring donations for our children, such a baby wipes and all the things we need day-to-day, which is very generous. But this email was different. Not only did they want to learn more about our center but they also wanted to fund raise. I was absolutely not only because we had been chosen but because this amazing group of young women gave me a glimpse of what the future holds.

Brownies visiting

The Brownies had organized different activities to raise money, including two car washes, a disco and a car boot sale. We were invited along to the car boot sale as it was their final event so Robert, our Executive Director, Victoria, one of our social workers, and I all went along to see how they were getting on (and to see if there were any bargains, too!) We were warmly received by everyone and they couldn’t wait to tell us about everything they had been doing to support us.

I could not help tearing up as the Brownie Rep proudly handed over the generous amount they had raised for children of their age (UGX 1,030,000). A week later they came and visited Malaika Babies’ Home and, despite all their hard work fundraising, they still brought along lots of gifts for the children as well.It was a joy to spend some time with this amazing group of girls; they were so inquisitive and asked so many questions.

Learning about Malaika Babies' Home

They were able to spend time

playing and bonding with the babies and we all felt the time to leave came too soon – there were even some tear as they waved goodbye!We’re very pleased to tell you that we’ll be seeing them again soon as they have decided to fund raise for Malaika Babies Home every year. Thank you so much to the Brownies at Rainbow International School the very deserving supporters of the month!”

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