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The Adoption Panel approves 4 adoptive parents

Adoption Panel during the last session

During its latest session, the adoption panel met and vetted four prospective adoptive parents. The Adoption Panel which is chaired by the Government of Uganda under The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development through Mark Riley comprises of Zainah Nakubulwa a supervisor with KCCA Probation Officer, Ruth Matoya a child counselor with Healing Talk, Christina Sempebwa   an adoptive parents, Rogers Mbazira of Viva Crane and Nandi Ketty a police representative attached to the Child and Family Protection Unit.

After the Social Work Team completes their assessment of the prospective parent this report is presented to the panel which then meets to review the report and meet the prospective adoptive parent. Upon approval by the panel, the parent is then matched with a child and the bonding process starts

This is what Amelo an adoptive parent posted on our Ugandans Adopt Facebook page  about her experience  with the  Adoption Panel , “I went through the adoption panel assessment last year. It was not as daunting as I imagined… Keep up the good work!”

Currently at Malaika Babies Home we have 25 children in our care. The social work team is in the process of working with families to resettle or find permanent foster care families for the rest of the children.

We are reaching out to other childcare institutions in Uganda to invite them to attend Panel if they have children who are available for adoption so the Panel can match them with our waiting list of Ugandan adoptive parents. Please contact [email protected]if you would like further information.

For more on the Adoption Panel, watch the video below:




4 replies on “The Adoption Panel approves 4 adoptive parents”

I would love to adopt and hope to face the panel one day just to care for a soul out there.

Susan we always love hearing from individuals who are willing to open up their hearts and homes to little ones through adoption. Kindly contact us on our adoption hotline 0776110301 or send an email to [email protected] and we will work with you.

Great tribute for the work you are doing. I trust I will adopt a child one day for my heart tells me so. May I know how else we can continue to create hope in the children outside adoption? Do you have family days, any event that we who care can get to get closer to your work broadly-it may not be financial, it may be our time or our care to make these children know that we love them.

Thank you so much Florence for appreciating. We look forward to working with you when that day comes.

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