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Could You Provide A Loving Home For A Child?

Child’s i Foundation recently launched a new media campaign to recruit adoptive and foster families in Uganda.

Child’s i Foundation recently launched a new media campaign to recruit adoptive and foster families in Uganda.

What will the next 50 years bring for the country’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens?

As Uganda marks 50 years of independence, not everyone is sharing in the celebrations. There are thousands of children in Uganda currently residing in institutions. Each year hundreds of children are abandoned, and their futures often look very bleak. The charity Child’s i Foundation is launching a mass media campaign to try and find foster and adoptive families to care for children who have no family of their own.

From Monday 8th October, adverts will run on television, radio, print and billboard platforms to encourage Ugandans to open their hearts and homes to a child who desperately needs a new family. A 60 minute Talk Show will also run prime time on NTV where Ugandans will be invited to join the debate. This unique media campaign is the second to be run by Child’s i Foundation, following the success of their Ugandans Adopt campaign last year. With this new campaign, in addition to finding new adoptive families, the charity is hoping to recruit short and long term foster carers to prevent the need for children to spend time in institutional care.

Last year’s campaign found adoptive families for a large number of children, with 30 abandoned babies now enjoying life with their new families. It is hoped that this year’s media campaign will continue to build on that success.

Child’s i Foundation General Manager Susan Allan said:-

“We’re launching a campaign to recruit foster carers and adoptive parents for many of the babies currently residing at Malaika Babies Home. “We’ve proved that there are families willing to care for children and we are now looking for more people to consider foster care and adoption. We need families who may wish to adopt a child and offer them a lifelong commitment, or families who can offer foster care on a temporary basis for a period of months or even years.”

Parents who have adopted children from Malaika Babies Home are in full support of this new campaign.

Adoptive parent Amelo Ejalu said:-

“It is seven months since the adoption process and my daughter is now ten months! She is a bundle of joy to my family, friends and myself, and living up to her name Mayowale – which means, ‘you bring joy to the home’. She’s a great blessing.

“There are very many children in Ugandan institutions who need a family. Do take the time learn about fostering and adoption and if you can, or know someone who can, put a smile in a child’s heart and on their face”.

Deciding to adopt a child is a huge decision and life time commitment, but it is a positive and life changing experience for both parent and child. If successful this media campaign will help ensure that the next 50 years are brighter for Uganda’s children.

For more information about foster care and adoption please call 0791777319 or email [email protected]. If you are a journalist who would like to feature Malaika Babies Home in any stories about foster care or adoption please email [email protected]