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Adoption Panels

We are proud to be working with the Government of Uganda to find new adoptive families.

Child’s i Foundation host monthly adoption panels which have been set up to allow professionals in child care to assess potential adoptive and foster parents ensuring that the needs of the child are met.

So far we have had 2 adoption panels where we have considered the applications of 5 prospective families. Although it is early days we have already placed 3 children with new families.

The panels are held once a month and we work alongside the Ministry of Gender and other organisations that promote domestic fostering and adoption. We also work with child psychologists as well as previous adoptive parents.

Caroline Bankusha, Probation & Social Welfare Officer for Kampala City Council, recently spoke about how the Ugandan Government is working with Child’s i Foundation to help promote adoption and find new loving homes for vulnerable children.

[youtube Bm9q2k6V9pI]