Ugandans Adopt


The following videos serve to provide more information about what is involved when adopting a child. New video updates that examine different adoption issues will be uploaded regularly.

The Adoptive Families Association of Uganda Launches

Meet some the members of the Adoptive Families Association as they came together to celebrate their new forever families

Christian Childcare Conference Kampala - 2015

This short film shows the highlights of the Christian Childcare Conference that was held in February 2015 at Gaba Community Church

Kenneth and Abigail's Adoption

Meet the KR Family! As ministers within Uganda, this family had long worked with Loving Hearts Babies Home, helping to volunteer their time and effort to make Loving Hearts a great place for babies. After more than a year of volunteering almost every day, Mrs. KR fell in love with one of the babies at our home. As newly-weds with a new baby already on the way, the KR Family started praying about adding a second baby to its quickly growing family. Shortly after giving birth, they adopted Baby K, who gained not only a family, but a younger sister as well. Click on the link below to watch this beautiful story:

The Importance of Family: A Church Perspective by Pastor Peter Kasirivu of Gaba Community Church

Pastor Peter of Gaba Community Church’s inspiring video on why family is important, please watch.

The Ugandans Adopt Campaign: behind the scenes

We bring the very first behind-the-scenes video of the Ugandans Adopt campaign through the eyes of our  Communications Officer. It will the first time since the campaign began in 2011 that we are giving our supporters the chance to see for themselves what the campaign is all about.

Government Message on Ugandans Adopt

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development explains the importance of Ugandan families adopting Ugandan children.

NTV's Rukh-shana Namuyimba on the Joys of adoption

In this video, NTV’s Rukh-Shana Namuyimba an adoptive mother, TV star and Ugandans Adopt ambassador talks about her adoption experience and why more Ugandans should consider opening their hearts and homes to Ugandan children.

NTV's Rukh-shana explains the adoption process

In this video Rukh-shana explains the adoption process, step by step.

Ruby and Milly: A Ugandans Adopt story

Another beautiful adoption story from Ugandans Adopt. Baby Ruby spent her first Christmas with Mum and family last year. Our team was able to capture some of the special moments including Milly’s approval by the Adoption Panel and her journey home with Ruby.

Could you Foster?

We bring you a video of Simon, one of the little boys whom we found for a loving foster. Simon is one of the three children that this loving family is currently fostering. You do not have to be rich to foster a child for the short or long term. We are currently looking for foster families for some of the children in our care for both the short and long term. For more information on how you can foster, please call 0782250897 or send an email to [email protected]

Bonding, attachment and attunement

Sarah Mirembe, a  child psychologist with Right to Improved Child Health (RICH Consult) at our recent adoptive and prospective adoptive parents get together, joined us and spoke on three key issues: bonding, attunement and attachment.