Ugandans Adopt

How to Adopt

1. Fill in an expression of interest

Download the expression of interest form from  here , fill it out and email it to [email protected]  or call 0782250897. We will send you an expression of interest form to fill out.  For more updates about Ugandans Adopt please follow us on Facebook.

2. Probation Officer/Social Worker initial visit

Your social worker will set up an appointment with your for a home visit, to make contact with your family and conduct a home study. We will invite you to one of our Information Days, so you can interact with existing adoptive parents and social workers and learn more about adoption, as you prepare for your own experience.

3. Family assessment

Every prospective adopter has to go through a formal assessment process. Your social worker and your area Probation Officer will visit you at your home and undertake an in-depth assessment. References will be sought and checks made during the assessment process and a report of the findings compiled.

4. Going to Panel

Your social worker will then present your assessment report to the Government Adoption Panel for them to recommend whether or not you should be approved for adoption. For more information on Panel, please visit the FAQ section.

An Adoption Panel in session

5. Being matched with a child

Once you are approved, we will match you with a child. This can often take some time and requires patience until a child becomes available for adoption.

6. Bonding with your child

If you approve the match, introductions to the child can finally begin. Your social worker will organise a 2 -3 week bonding plan for you and your child, so you get the chance to bond with them before they become part of your family. You will visit the child at their current place of stay, have fun outings, visits by the child to your house as well as overnight stays. Gradually, you and your child will get to know each other, and  will be ready to move into your home.

7. Taking your child home

After a successful bonding period, you can now take your child home. This is a very exciting and daunting time for all concerned! Most importantly, it marks the beginning of your life together as a family, for a 1-year pre-adoptive fostering period. Your social worker and area Probation officer will carry out regular follow-up visits during this time to track the progress of the child.

8. Making the adoption legal

An adoption is made legal after completion of the pre-adoptive fostering period as required by the Ugandan Law. This is done by the making of an adoption order in court, which is done either in the Magistrates or High Court. This finally means that you are the legal parent of the child, and your case is closed.

Personal experience – Rukh-shana Namuyimbwa

In the video below, Ugandan celebrity TV personality Rukh-shana Namuyimbwa discusses her adoption experience and what it entailed:

Adoption Support

Like any other family, you will enjoy watching your child grow and develop. Also like any other family, there are bound to be ups and downs! Adoption support is available if you need any support.  Contact us through our Ugandans Adopt Facebook page, email: [email protected]. You can also call us on our adoption hotline 0782250897.