On Wednesday the 15th May 2013, the children and Staff of Malaika Babies Home celebrated their third birthday with an open day.  Malaika Babies Home in Mengo has provided emergency short-term care to over 130 babies. Over the past three years they have successfully found families in Uganda for 100 of these children through resettlement and domestic adoption. Their Social Work team put a lot of time and resources into tracing families and as a result 66% of these children have been resettled with their extended families.

Birthday Cake





The open day which was crowned with the cutting of the cake by the children at Malaika Babies Home was attended by  many guests including staff from other babies’ homes around Kampala, the Police Child Protection Unit, Probation officers, Social workers and adoptive parents who bought their children along to the celebration.

Nandi Ketti (carrying the baby) a Police Officer, Zainah a senior probation Officer and a guest at the Open day

Among the well-wishers was Barbie, Bobi Wine’s wife who donated an assortment of items to Malaika Babies Home. “It has been a wonderful day and we are very grateful for all the support of our supporters, the Probation, Police and other children’s homes” says Immaculate Atwine, the Manager of the Babies Home “Only by working together we can find families in Uganda for abandoned children

Barbie at Malaika Babies Home.

To see The New Vision’s article on the above, click on the link below:

Ugandans Adopt 100 babies

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